Hostel Information

Institute has hostel facility for boys and girls, there are three hostels are in functioning, out of which hostel 'A' is for boys having capacity of 264 students, hostel 'D'(Old Hostel) is for girls having capacity of 117 , hostel ‘E’(New Hostel) having capacity 216 PG Girl’s Hostel having capacity 70 (under construction) , hostel 'C' is for boys having capacity of 125 and 28 Post Graduate (boy’s) students

Intake capacity of hostel:
Sr. No. Hostel Capacity
1 Boys Hostel A 264
2 Boys Hostel C 125
3 Girls Hostel D (old) 117
4 Girls Hostel E (New) 216
5 PG Girl’s Hostel E(New) (under construction) 70
6 PG Boy’s Hostel (Staff Quarter) 28
Staff members and supporting staff:
Name Post Residential /Non Residential Contact Number
Dr. P. B. Murnal Chief Rector Residential 9970700044
Prof. P. S. Swami Rector for ‘A’ Boys Hostel Residential 9370181093
Prof. Vikul J. Pawar Rector for ‘A’ Boys Hostel Residential 9423134323
Prof.S.S. Mopari Rector for ‘C’ Boys Hostel Non Residential 07588535644
Prof. V. A. Injamuri Rector for ‘D’ Girls Hostel Residential 07709104535
Prof. Anjana Ghule Rector for ‘E’ Girls Hostel Non Residential 8087207848
Mr. Vijay Harne Clerk Non Residential 9850960244
Mr. Sanjay Ade Electrician Non Residential 8275520429
Mr. Tambe Peon Non Residential 9890662691