About Library

One of the assets of the college is the library. The institute has well equipped library with varied facilities and resources. The library is enriched with numerous research papers, journals (online/printed), periodicals etc. The library resources are easily accessible to students as well as teachers of the institute. The library contains collection of varied international papers, magzines, thesis which help students in their assignment, research or project tasks.

Library Area

402.6 sqm Stock Bank

112.0 sqm Book Bank

56.0 sqm Reading Room

28.0 sqm Issue Counter

105.5 sqm Administrative

749.1 sqm Total Area:


44601 Library General

30704 Book Banks

75305 Total Number of Books

20123 Total number of Titles

Library Facility

Book Bank


Book Issue Section

e Journals





Total online journals-893

News Paper (Total 10)

Total Magazine-13

Library Working Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM