Industry Institute Interaction Cell

Better interaction between Technical institutions and industry is the need of the hour. Industry Institute Interaction cell at institute works for increasing the interaction with industry in all possible ways with the spirit of delivering mutual benefit.


  • Organizing Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.
  • Encouraging engineers from industry to visit Engineering Institution to deliver lectures.
  • Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development.
  • Arranging visits of staff members to various industry.
  • Visits of faculty to industry for study and discussions or delivering lectures on subjects of mutual interest.
  • Visits of industry executives and practising engineers to the Institute for seeing research work and laboratories, discussions and delivering lectures on industrial practices, trends and experiences.
  • Memoranda of Understanding between the Institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.
  • Visiting faculty/professors from industries.
  • R&D Laboratories sponsored by industries at the Institute.
  • Scholarships/fellowships instituted by industries at the Institute for students.
  • Professional consultancy by the faculty to industries.
  • Industrial testing by faculty & technicians at site or in laboratory.
  • Joint research programmes and field studies by faculty and people from industries.

Institute is member of industry associations such as

  • CMIA ( Chamer of Marathwada Industries & Agriculture Association)
  • CII ( Confederation of Indian Industries)
Cell works to train the students to enhance the employability skills for campus placement. Students are trained in soft skill as well as subject domain training. Students are trained by agencies like
  • Globarena Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad
  • AMCAT, New Delhi
  • Indo German Tool Room
  • Marathwada Auto Cluster
  • Universal Education, Bangalore

No. of training organized in subject domain: 28

No. of students trained in subject domain: 1000+

No. of training organized in soft skill: 10

No. of students trained in soft skill: 800+

Organization of Industry Institute Interaction Cell

SR.NO Name Designation
01 Dr. P. B. Murnal Chairman
02 Prof. A. A. Bhole Convener
03 Mr. Kulathu Kumar Industry Member
(President, Endress+Hauser Flow Tech. Ltd. Waluj)
04 Mr. Prasad Kokil, Industry Member
(M.D. , Sanjay Group of Industries, Waluj)
05 Dr. K. A. Patil, HCED Member
06 Dr. R. S. Shrivastav, HMED Member
07 Dr. A. G. Thosar, HEED Member
08 Prof. S. R. Herekhan, HETXD Member
09 Prof. V.P. Kshirsagar, HCSED Member
10 Prof. V. Gaikwad, HITD Member
11 Prof. R. M. Damgir ( Civil) Member
12 Prof. S D. Ambekar(Mech) Member
13 Prof. S. M. Shinde(Elect) Member
14 N.R. Kolhare ( ETX) Member
15 Prof V. A. Chakkarwar (CSE) Member
16 Dr. M.B. Verma (AM) Member

13 MoUs have been signed with various industries to enhance the Industry Institute Interaction

SR.NO Name
01 TCS, Pune
02 Osborn, Aurangabad
03 Indo German Tool Room, Aurangabad
04 Unitech
05 Texas instruments (Edgate Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
06 Aurangabad Machine Tools, Auranagabad
07 Manu Electricals, Aurangabad
08 Sanjay Group of Industries, Aurangabad
09 SandRiver Technologies, Pune
10 Intelligent Material Research Laboratory,Department of Physics,Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad (M.S.)
11 Eco Nirmitee Infrastructure & Services ,Aurangabad
12 University Partnership Program With Intellisense- MEMS
13 Dr. BATU, Lonere


Industrial visits are arranged for students & staff for industrial exposure
  • No. of industrial visits arranged: 50+
  • No. of students benefited: 1500+
  • No. of staff benefited: 40+
UG & PG projects in Industries

About 10-15% of the UG/PG projects are based on the problem specified by industries. Two ME students from Mechanical and Electronics department were sent to Germany by Endress+Hauser for six months to do their dissertation work. One M.E. student has just finished a project on Eco Energy Efficient Crematorium.

Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development

Every department has two members from industry on the Board of Studies.

Expert lectures by industry experts

Expert lectures of industry persons are organized regularly.

Organizing Workshops, Conferences and Symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries

Energy conclave: CMIA’S cell along with Govt. Engineering College Aurangabad has organized Energy Conclave on 1st November 2014

1.Global Entrepreneurship summit

Sr.No Name Of Activity Beneficiary Dates
1 Entrepreneurship Summit at GECA-Alumni Association of GECA Entrepreneurship Summit at GECA- Alumni Association of GECA Innovation summit organized by CMIA & AAGECA
2 Faculty Members
Total No.-30
UG/PG Students
Total No.-161
304 students
3 5th& 6th January 2013 5th& 6th January 2013 22/02/2014

2.Participation Details of Energy Conclave

College Students & Staff
G.E.C. Aurangabad 204
M.I.T. Aurangabad 07
P.E.S.C.E. Aurangabad 08
G.P. Aurangabad 07
M.S.S. Jalna 01
Industry persons 45
Spot entries(students) 21
Spot entries(Industry) 18
Total 311

3. Organization of Entrepreneurship program for girl students

Experts were

a. Mrs. Mohini Kelkar, Managing Director, Grind Masters
b. Mrs. Jyoti Dashrathi, Managing Director, Rucha group of Industries

4. Participation in Solar Cooking event Organized by CMIA

The students of Govt. Engineering College Aurangabad participated at Suryakumbh event. CMIA has organised the unique solar cooking festival that was held on12th January 2016 on the occasion of 153th jubilee of Swami Vivekanand, at MIT Engineering College Aurangabad in which more than 5000 school children made solar cooker under the training of volunteers. This occasion has been recorded in the books of Guinness world record. Students of GECA actively participated in this event.

5. Organization of CII Youth Connect Program

Association with CII. It was participated by industry persons, students of other Engineering colleges along with GECA students.

6. Organization of workshop for the industry

Department of Electrical Engineering have conducted one day workshop on , Earthing Practices in Accordance with IS:3042 for the Engineers of Crompton Greaves. This workshop was need based. Industry asked to conduct this workshop for the technical staff of their industry as the industry was to undergo NABL accreditation for their high voltage laboratory.

7. Workshop on Ethical Hacking

Best Practises

Energy Cell activities in association with CMIA

Electrical department is a part of Energy Cell of CMIA where activities related with energy audits, renewable energy technologies, energy tips are carried out.


  • To arrange energy conferences and workshops for energy conservation.
  • To arrange energy conferences and workshops on renewable energy.
  • To facilitate members for conducting energy audits.
  • To create awareness regarding energy certificates from BEE.
  • To arrange visits to successful implementation of energy conservation projects.
  • To create awareness about energy by fortnightly news letter.
  • To attend various seminar and conferences in the country.
  • To represent CMIA in various statutory hearings in forums like MERC, MEDAEREDA etc. with EC permission.
  • To develop energy cluster and upgrade them for efficient energy user.
There are five groups in this cell:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar
  • Energy Tips - Bulletin
  • Encon - I
  • Encon – II

Four members from industries, five students from five different engineering colleges in the region and one staff member from each college are the members of the cell.

Students are trained on energy audit & are given an exposure of audit of industries. Regular meeting of this cell along with student members are arranged on fourth Saturday of every month in CMIA office. Expert talks arranged by this cell are attended by student members. Students are getting experience of working with energy auditors. Visit in small group to industry is giving very good exposure to students. Students have carried out the energy audit of Rucha Engineering, Waluj.