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GEC Aurangabad Innovation & Entrepreneurship policy ( GECA I & E)

Government Engineering College Aurangabad has been at the forefront of promoting creativity and incubating business ideas in order to provide an atmosphere where its students and faculty can explore their potential. Members of the faculty are continuously engaged in the generation and distribution of information, just as students are finding ways to launch business ideas to influence society and solve problems in the real world.

The conversion of research activity into entrepreneurial ventures, where Students, Scholars, Faculty, Alumni and Prospective Entrepreneurs express interest in knowledge generation. A large number of R&D activities are being proposed to be carried out by stakeholders in several cutting-edge science and technology areas. However, most of these research outcomes do not get translated into commercial products, benefiting the society in general, due to several reasons including lack of interest in the industry in commercializing new and futuristic technologies and restriction on the institute’s employees to start entrepreneurship.

Towards this end, Government College of Engineering Aurangabad in line with the best practices of other institutes of higher learning across the world, encourages interested stakeholders to incorporate companies to engage in the businesses, that are direct result of the research and development and also creativity and innovation activities.



GEC Aurangabad Innovation & Entrepreneurship policy ( GECA I & E )   

GECA NISP Policy Publication Notification

NISP 2019 guiding framework by AICTE

GECA Committee for Implementation of Innovation and Start up Policy

Maharashtra State Innovative Startup Policy 2018

GECA IPR Draft Policy

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To be a leading promoter of innovation and entrepreneurship that fosters synergy between the innovator, academia, and the industry to create a startup ecosystem.



• To motivate, build and promote out of the box thinking and development of innovative ideas.

• To create an ecosystem in campus to nurture innovation for promoting entrepreneurship through industry collaborations by providing incubation facilities and services for greater social impact.

• To promote activities related to Ideation, Pre-incubation and Incubation to support startups



The main objectives of the entrepreneurship policy will be as follows:

•      To provide a platform to the faculty and students to pursue their own ideas towards becoming partners in economic development process.

•      To build entrepreneurship culture in the institution.

•      To promote knowledge based and innovation driven enterprises.

•      To promote employment opportunities amongst students.

•      To offer platform for dynamic start-ups by motivating educated youth to consider entrepreneurship as a preferred and viable career.

•      To support early phase of entrepreneurship development including the pre-start up as well as early post start-up phase and growing enterprises.

To ensure adequate availability and flow of information to potential entrepreneurs, eliminate entry and exit barriers, create a business-friendly environment in order to reduce various kinds of compliances and regulations


This policy will cover and guide all the innovative /entrepreneur activities of bona fide students (undergraduate and post graduate), alumni and faculty of the college. The policy aims at enabling the college to build, streamline and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in campus and will be instrumental in leveraging the potential of science using student’s creative problem solving and entrepreneurial mind-set and promoting a strong intra and inter-institutional partnerships with ecosystem enablers and different stakeholders at regional, national and international level.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the college will play key role in identifying, mentoring, nurturing innovative and entrepreneurial potential of faculty and students and transforming them into start-up entrepreneurs by providing avenues of funding, investment opportunities and networking support to make the innovation and venture successful.



Thrust Areas:

Different Sectors where incubation, innovation and startup  can be provided are among, but not limited to:

•      Renewable Energy Technology

•      Automation Technology

•      Water Resource Engineering and Management

•      Agro Technology and Allied sectors

•      Other emerging areas or of Social / National Importance

Short Term Plans and Goals for Implementation of NISP at Government Engineering College Aurangabad


•        To promote creative, novel and innovative thinking among the community of students and the faculty. At least one hackathon will be conducted every year.

•           To assist student groups to prototype their innovative ideas. At least one such idea  per department will be promoted.

•           To offer an improved incubation facility to at least one alumni startup per year for enhancing better entrepreneurial ecosystem.

•           To nurture entrepreneurial culture by organizing a large number of relevant FDPs, STTPs, seminars and workshops. Every department will host one activity in each semester.

•           To reinforce the institution-industry interactions and to channel its outcome towards achieving the mission. Every department will arrange lectures on recent trends in industry per semester


Long Term Plans and Goals for Implementation of NISP at Government Engineering College Aurangabad


•        To spread awareness among the students and the faculty on research and IPR activities. Minimum two(02) Indian IPR needs to filed per year.

•           To extend a dedicated support to Indian/ Local based start-ups developing innovative technology solutions for serving the basic needs of our society. At least one such startup per year will be promoted.

•           To associate with the government bodies like DST, CII, TNASC, MSME and other academic institutions for transferring/Sharing / Using world class facility to the students and faculties of Government Engineering College Aurangabad. At least 20% of the projects at UG/PG/PhD level will be in support with above institutions.

•           To encourage the stakeholders of Government Engineering College Aurangabad to work on innovative projects based on commercial products that will serve the needs of our country. At least two projects will be converted in entrepreneur activity per year.

•           To provide a platform for young students to develop products with global recognition that can generate business opportunities. At least 5% of Engineering Exploration Course projects to be commercialized per year.











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