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Training and Placement Officer

Name : Dr. A. M. Nikalje
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Telephone No. : +91-240-2366357
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Dear Students/ Parents,

Training and placement cell is in direct touch with the industries. Hence, this cell is quite aware of the requirements of the industries. At the same time, as a faculty we are aware with strengths and weaknesses of the students. At the present the placement is not up to mark hence it is necessary to improve yourself as per the industry demand. I am here to take efforts to minimize weakness and improve the quality of students to enhance the placement. Qualities in academics and in soft skill are our main priorities, therefore I would like to suggest something at different stages of engineering to improve employability.

First Year Level: I would like to suggest first year engineering students to start improving their communication skills and English grammar along with maintaining good academic record. Improving the communication skills is a continuous process, so that when students start at the first year level, they will be enriched with these skills at the end of third year. In first year, students should go to the industry for summer internship. Also I suggest twenty hours training on communication skills.

Second Year Level: # In addition to communication skills, what they have started at first year level, the students should start acquiring basic knowledge related to the aptitude ability. For this, forty hours soft skill training is in planning. There is no need to say that maintaining good academic record is equally necessary. Remaining part of internship is advised to be completed at the end of fourth semester. # Whatever the extracurricular activities, you wish to involve, should be done as per your willingness, at this stage.

Third Year Level: # So far the placement is concerned, it is the most crucial year. In this year, try to keep academic record excellent. Company generally not allow the students with live backlog. Hence student’s involvement in other activities should be minimal. In addition to good academic record, students have to enhance their soft skills knowledge 100%. For this soft skill training for 60 hours is in planning. # Now, the students are ready to face placement procedure confidently. Once get selected in final year, enjoy your life and other activities of your interest with free mind. # The Internship with stipend and PPO in Dream Company is the “JACKPOT”. # I wish such happy moments should come to almost all students. But for this, you have to take continuous efforts and attend the activities carried out by T&P cell. The students have to participate in soft skill training programs with 100% attendance. # My full supports and best wishes are always with you.

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